Have you ever tried Hiroo’s pork buns?

Hiroo’s Steamed pork bun / Butaman
A ‘real’ pork bun made by “Umayaki Moguri,” which offers the finest pork.

Opened in 2007 near Tengenji Temple in Hiroo, Tokyo, “Umayaki Moguri” offers original style of pork with a special quality.
The owner is so particular about pork that he personally visits and purchases pork from producers all over Japan, especially black pork from the Watanabe Berkshire Ranch in Kagoshima Prefecture, which can only be enjoyed at first-class hotels and Moguri in Tokyo.

The owner Morishima, a pork professional who has made pork research his life’s work, produced Hiroo’s Pork Buns in 2021 through a process of trial and error.
Using 100% domestic pork carefully selected by Morishima’s knowledgeable connoisseurs, and sticking to carefully selected and additive-free ingredients, each one is carefully hand-kneaded and served by hand every day.
Freshly steamed pork buns are available at the store, and chilled pork buns are also sold for souvenirs and home use. Our pork buns are also popular as gifts and for ordering. We hope you will try our authentic pork buns made by a pork shop, which are safe for everyone from children to the elderly.

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